Checklist for configuring m/c as a bot station


To check

How to?

WinRM service status



Run the following command on the bot station to check the status of WinRM service.

Get-Service -ComputerName localhost -Name winrm | Select Status

If the service is not running, enter and execute the below command in the command prompt.

Winrm quickconfig

After successful execution of the Winrm command, you will be prompted to enter yes or no for making the required changes as displayed on the screen. Enter y and press Enter to make the changes and run the WinRM service on the bot station.

How to change the default Port number of WinRM?

To change the default port i.e. for http (5985) and https (5986) to custom port following command can be used.

winrm set winrm/config/Listener?Address=*+Transport=HTTP '@{Port="8888"}'

To check the existing port at which the WinRM service is available, you can use following command.

WinRM e winrm/config/listener

PowerShell version

PowerShell version 5.1 or later is required. To check the PowerShell version you can open the PowerShell window and execute the below command:


On executing the above command, the PowerShell version information will be displayed.


1) You need administrator privileges to run PowerShell.

2) To install PowerShell, refer Installing Windows PowerShell.

Inclusion of bot-station in whitelist


In order to execute the WinRM command seamlessly on bot station we need to add the bot station IP address in trusted host list of WinRM on Cockpit Server. To whitelist an IP address, use the following command (multiple IP addresses can be mentioned as comma-separated list):

winrm set winrm/config/client '@{TrustedHosts="IP Address 1, ..., IP Address N"}'

On executing below query you should get below output.

Note: To access a bot-station from Cockpit, the bot-station should be connected to a LAN.