About TruBot Cockpit

TruBot Cockpit is a web-based application that helps you create, manage, and publish bots. Using TruBot Cockpit, you can create role-based users and configure bot stations that enables controlled implementation of RPA capabilities throughout an enterprise.

Cockpit provides you with many advantages:

  • Full Control of RPA Program: Manage, control, and monitor your entire RPA program centrally with Cockpit.

  • Flexibility Of Deployment: High flexibility of bot deployment in cloud, on-premise, and physical as well as virtual machines.

  • Enterprise Grade Security: Separation between production and development environments. Credential vault for security.

  • Easy To Use: Offers a centralized web-based interface, which is intuitively designed and can be accessed from anywhere using any device including mobile.

  • Insights on RPA Program: Get complete insights on bot ecosystem health as well as full view of your RPA program at one place.


Salient features of Cockpit include:

  • Enterprise Application Information Control: Features like role-based access and privilege access management combined with credential vault helps in application information control.

  • Scheduling Of Jobs: jobs can be scheduled for bots centrally on both physical and virtual machines along with all the necessary parameters for efficiently managing RPA program

  • Flexible Bot Deployment: Deploy bots on cloud or on-premise based on customer requirement.

  • Notification & Alerts: Notifications and alerts about bot stations and processes running on them, which helps in monitoring and controlling bots effectively.

  • Physical & Virtual Environment: Bots can be deployed on physical as well as virtual machines through ghosting

  • Auto-Dynamic Bot Station Selection: Selects the best-suited bot station on-the-run based on availability and suitability of bot station.

  • Bot Ecosystem Health Check: Real-time monitoring of bot health, bot station availability, applications accessed by bots and many other parameters across bot lifecycle.


Other important features include:

  • Multi-Level Audit Trail: Complete audit trail of activities performed by Cockpit including bot schedules, bot station allocations, applications accessed, process completion status; providing accountability of actions undertaken.

  • Bot Pool: Helps in parallel run and monitoring of multiple bots from the bot pool independent of the TruBot station.

  • Page Replay: Keep complete trail of bot activities through page replay functionality. Helps on monitoring the bots and take corrective action wherever required.

  • High Availability: Real-time visibility into availability of bots. Decide your bot requirement and plan activities based on bot usage for optimal utilization.