About TruBot Designer

TruBot Designer is an RPA application that can be used to implement business processes in a fast and easy manner. It is designed for users with different and varying level of skill sets. The driving idea behind the application is to provide a truly versatile RPA application with range of useful features and a user-friendly UI.

TruBot Designer provides you with several advantages:

  • Scale-up faster: Design processes at a faster pace by dragging and dropping from comprehensive library of reusable components.

  • Visual recorder for designing: Start the visual recorder and record the process. TruBot Designer will create a process with just a click of a mouse.

  • Easy learning curve: Not much training is required for designing even a complex processes, as technical designers are equipped with an easy‑to‑use Integrated Development Environment.

  • Leveraging collaboration: Leverage power of collaboration by sharing the smart component library across teams within organization.

Some of the salient features of TruBot Designer include:

  • Workflow designer: Provides a visual representation of a process workflow that aids in better understanding of process design.

  • Technological compatibility: Offers compatibility with web and desktop applications as well as legacy mainframes, character user interfaces, and remote applications.

  • Integrated Development Environment: Provides Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for programming complex processes. Does not require any special training for developers.

  • Comprehensive library: Drag‑and‑drop pre-defined components available from rich built‑in library to create your own process.

  • Version control: Process development under strict version control. Offers centralized repository for maintaining version control, logs, and credentials.

  • Fast quality checks: Process designing through a controlled process. Debugging feature to debug your process easily. Allows testing and code editing in a development environment.